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The team at Defender Defender are proud to announce the launch of the “Defender Tracker” This is a new, entry level product which aims to provide great security benefits at a budget cost. At this fantastic price, you cannot expect to see the vast array of alerts and functions that the “Defender Defender” displays. However, all users are provided with the peace of mind of knowing exactly where their Land Rover is 24 hour hours a day, 7 days a week. Members can log in via their smart phone app or desktop and within seconds the precise location of their vehicle will be revealed.

Defender Defender


The Defender Defender is an all-inclusive security system designed to stop criminals at source and guard your vehicle from theft. Through use of a mobile app you can monitor the location of your Defender 24/7. A combination of inbuilt motion sensors and GPS technology result in immediate alerts (SMS/Phone Call/App notifications) directly to your mobile phone the moment any unlawful activity is detected. Trigger points include: internal vibration, vehicle movement, keyless ignition or battery disconnection. Rest assured, if all these alerts go unheard, the Defender Defender has a remote-control isolator switch and all tracking capabilities that you come to expect from a product of this nature.



All three of our devices are relatively simple to install. Unsurprisingly the most advanced tracker will take a little longer to fit than our basic unit. You will be provided with detailed instructions at point of purchase and feel free to ask the advice of our technicians who are available during normal office hours. All necessary fitting components are found within the contents of the box. The inclusion of rust proof marine quality wire connectors results in no cut wires throughout the process, providing a greater standard of installation. We also have a growing number of registered fitters around the country, so please get in touch and make that request if you are struggling or simply do not have the time to DIY.
Every customer is provided with a link to download our mobile app on either android or IOS. The Defender Defender allows users to select different forms of notification for the various alarms (App/SMS/Phone-call). Although the Defender Tracker will only notify via a desktop or as a push notification on the app, there is no limit to the number of users who can access the software at any one time, No limit on the number of alerts and no limit on tracking hours. Full instructions on the app are provided and our team is always on hand to assist with any queries. No Smart phone? You can still access tracking features through our desktop log in and set up your system to receive SMS alerts to your basic mobile from the Defender Defender model.
There are zero restrictions with regards to the monitoring your vehicle. Each account can have an unlimited number of users so that even your friends and family can help you keep a look out. Log in as many times as you feel like throughout the day and adjust your chosen alarms whenever you feel necessary. No need to worry about accidently triggering an alarm and there in no cap on the amount of notifications your device can send.
The user can check the exact location of their device 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Simply open the mobile app or log in to the online platform and you will see a pinpoint on the map accurate to within 15 metres of the device. The location is updated every 20 seconds, this give the ability to accurately track the route of your vehicle whilst it is moving. The app is compatible with google maps and provides the street view option.
The units will all record the previous journeys made by the vehicle. Every journey date, time, start/end location and distance is recorded. Select a specific journey and watch it be mapped out in front of your eyes. Journeys are stored in date order for up to 6 months, users can manually enter a time frame if they wish to identify a specific trip. This “playback” feature can provide reassurance if you were unlucky enough to be victim of a vehicle theft who later stored your Land Rover in a signal blocking container ship. Playback will allow the user to track their vehicles journey up to the location where signal was blocked.
Create a geo-graphical circle with a radius ranging from 100 to 5000 meters. Every time your vehicle enters or exits this perimeter you will be immediately notified through the mobile app. It is possible to create several various perimeters, perhaps around your home, village and town. You can then switch them on/off with the click of a button depending on your planned journeys. A quick fire geo-fence button is available on the home screen. This will create a 100M circle around the location of your vehicle at that exact time, perfect for parking in those suspect areas.
The inbuild motion sensor in the device will pick up on any suspect amount of vibration. This could be an attempt to force the doors open, hooking the vehicle up to a steel tow rope or pushing it on to a trailer. The user can be alerted via their mobile app, receive a SMS message and/or have a direct phone call from the unit. This alert is only live when the ACC is off. This way you will not be bombarded with messages and phone calls when driving on a day to day basis and therefore assuming any vibration is result of unlawful activity. You can select up to three phone numbers to be alerted when this alarm is triggered.
If your vehicle travels further than a predetermined distance you will be immediately notified. Select from a range between 100 and 1000 meters. Our advanced GPS software will respond immediately once the vehicle has moved too far. The user can be alerted via their mobile app, receive a SMS message and/or have a direct phone call from the unit. This alert is only live when the ACC is off. This way you will not be bombarded with messages and phone calls when driving on a day to day basis and therefore assuming any movement is result of unlawful activity. You can select up to three phone numbers to be alerted when this alarm is triggered.
This alert is very simple. Manually select a speed, every time your vehicle hits speeds greater than the selected limit for a selected duration of time, the user will receive a notification through the app and/or a SMS message. This alert stays live even with the ACC on so therefore covers the scenario when the keys are stolen along with the vehicle. Those who are especially cautious may wish to set the speed at 5Kph and duration at 1 minute. Although bear in mind you will also have the Geo-fence barriers in place.
As the name suggests, this alert will notify the user the moment the unit has been disconnected from its power source. Again, choose from App notification, SMS and/or a phone call.
Having already been alerted that the power has been disconnect from your device. You should seek some reassurance in the 2-4 day internal battery life. All device features will stay live throughout this period.
If notifications, text messages and phone call are not enough. We now provide the option of sending email alerts along with the other forms. Better to be safe than sorry!
Following the installation of a simple relay (provided in the box contents), users can remotely switch off the power to their engine. The primary user can send the command at any time by pressing a button on the mobile app. This command will break the circuit and therefore replicate running out of fuel. The command will only be triggered if the vehicle is travelling under 20Kph. You could potentially treat this like an isolator switch and send the command every time your vehicle is left unattended, preventing any would-be thief from starting the engine at all. Alternatively, use the feature to stop a thief from getting away and then use the live feed tracking to resource your vehicle.
Our superior device now uses 3G signal. This generally tends to result in even faster notification times and greater tracking accuracy.

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