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Defender Defender
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Placing an Order

  • Select between our three devices and which of the three payment plans that suit you best. Each of the three plans give full access to all available features related to the chosen device over the given time period. All prices include the charge for the device plus your initial subscription period of 1, 12 or 36 months.
  • Your membership will begin to roll from the date of activation, not date of purchase. This allows you time for delivery and installation of the device.
  • Fill out the “activation form” on our website once the device has been installed and switched on.
  • A confirmation email containing a link to our mobile app and your log in details will be sent out as soon as your device has been activated. This is usually within 48 hours of receiving the activation form.
  • You can then use your unique log in details to access the mobile app, track your vehicle, set up your geo-fence, enter the SOS numbers and customise various other security settings.
  • Near the completion of your initial period you will be given the option of continuing your subscription of our services. This will be charged via a recurring payments system at the same rates:
  • Defender Tracker £8 per month, £84 per year or £216 for three years.
  • Battery Defender Defender £9 per month, £96 per year or £252 for three years.
  • Defender Defender £10 per month, £114 per year or £306 for three years.
  • Defend your Defender!

Defender Defender, Lawn Rd, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL19 4JL | Telephone: 01452 640713

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